OUR NEW CONCERT SERIES START IN ZWACK MUSEUMIn April we are happy to announce that the 4th part of the concert series sill take place. Guests: Hegedűs D. Géza, Láng Annamária

Artist fellows as  Bodrogi Éva - singer, Koltai Katalin, guitarist, Szalóki Ágnes - folk singer, Juhász Gábor- jazz guitarist, Dresch Mihály-saxofon, Lukács Miklós-cimbalom, Bartek Zsolt-clarinet, Hegedűs D. Géza, Láng Annamária-acters, Tóth Mónika, Krommer Lúcia-historical instruments will join the four concerts.

First concert: 6th June. 2014.

Performing at Jurányi Theatre centre.

COLOURFUL MUSIC AGAIN AND AGAIN!!Our project, COLOURFUL MUSIC (Interactive game for kids with images and sounds) has a great success, and collaborated with Cézanne, Caravaggio, Zsolnay exhibitions. Museum of Fine Arts- Rembrandt exhibition is waiting for us!!

Our project, COLOURFUL MUSIC  runs with great success. Joined with Cézanne, Caravaggio, Zsolnay exhibition, now our next goal will be the Rembrandt collection in January!!  



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