Music opens dialogue


A concert series in colleges of advanced studies

The MUSIC OPENS DIALOGUE concert series aims at starting a dialogue between young audience and art performers. The venues for the concert series are the Colleges for Advanced Studies which serve as the intellectual (and often physical) home of the very best of university students.

This joint project by Barefoot Musicians and Hungarian Classical Music Foundation aims at drawing the attention of university students to high art, in particular classical music.

The series touches on a number of different topics, one of the main goals being that members of the audience gain a better insight into the internal logic and rules of artistic thinking.

Through this process the musical sensitivity of audience members develops and improves naturally, and makes it possible for them to formulate their own expectations and emotional relationship towards a particular production. To sustain the artistic scene in general and to safeguard the preservation of concert life in particular, it is ultimately a sine qua non that the prospective intelligentsia receives not only a world-class training in their chosen field of study, but also that a sensitivity and demand for the arts are formed on their part during their years at University.

Returning to each college multiple times, the thematic blocks approach artistic questions from different angles at highlight various aspects of the experience of listening to and playing music.

Through interactive concerts the audience enters and starts to control the musical process by way of directed improvisations.

The thematic blocks are:

· Improvisation as a collective experience

· Theatre and Music

· Con-temporary? – Meeting young classical composers

The first concert of the series took place 17 February 2011, in Rajk László College for Advanced Studies.

After a voluntary half-term, thanks to supports of OTP Bank and Bethlen Alap there were concerts in the following colleges: Bolyai (Eotvos Lorand University), Eotvos (Eotvos Lorand University), Rajk Laszlo (Corvinus University of Budapest), Lengyel Gyula (Budapest Business School) Budapest-Hungary and Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.