Barefoot Opera

Éva Bodrogi - voice

József Gyabronka - actor

Katalin Koltai - guitar

Zsolt Bartek - clarinet

Tamara Török - Dramaturg

Are you a music fan?  Sure you are! Do you enjoy the music of past centuries and beautiful classical melodies? Barefoot Musicians are determined to make all of us fall in love with classical music.

For starters, an actor, a singer, a guitarist and a clarinetist enter the stage Barefoot Opera  all singing Rossini together.

Love and love conflicts. Barefoot Opera presents us the different phases of a relationship between a man and a woman –first meeting, falling in love, passion, jealousy, adultery, reconciliation, and finally a Dadaist chaos by Poulenc- by melding the most famous romantic opera arias with their original literary source.

While József Gyabronka plays the role of Goethe’s Mephisto, the clarinet symbolizes Faust, its melodies uniting to form a love duett with Margit’s virtuoso coloratura sang by Éva Bodrogi. The musical material played by the two musicians Zsolt Bartek and Katalin Koltai, though only on clarinet and guitar, still create the perfect illusion of a real orchestra, thanks to their brilliant arrangements.

Bold contrasts are revealed through Carmen’s segudilla, Puccini’s La Boheme, (and Murger’s novel of the same name), Donizetti’s famous Campanello duet and a Dadaist finale by  Apollinaire-Poulenc, where Therese rejects her own womanhood.

Barefoot Opera is a fresh and humorous performance. Do not miss it!