Made in China

Annamária Láng - actress

Éva Bodrogi - voice

Katalin Koltai - guitar

Georgi Sztojanov -

Fruzsina Nagy -

Nyíri Pál riportja alapján

Krétakör produkció

 Made in China is a modern-day Gesamtkunstwerk, performed by three female artists coming from different - and usually separate - artistic fields.

The creative process was a cooperation between Annamária Láng (actress), Katalin Koltai (guitarist), Éva Bodrogi (soprano singer), Georgi Sztojanov (composer) and Fruzsina Nagy (mask designer) - supported by Krétakör Theater.

Based on an interview by anthropologist Pál Nyíri, the performance offers an unconventional mix of contemporary opera and documentary drama.

Through the discovery of a seemingly distant life of a Chinese woman we witness the uncompromising rule of our time's foremost fetish, money.