Georgi Sztojanov - composer

Georgi Sztojanov was born in 1985 in Dobrich, Bulgaria and is living in Hungary from 1988. He started his musical studies in the Hungarian Radio Children's Choir (1995-2000). During this time as a member of the choir he has performed the most important Hungarian choir works and has taken part in numerous premiers of compositions of many famous contemporary composers on festivals in Belgium, Salzburg, Italy and Japan. He has studied violin from 1995, piano from 1998, learned a year to play the clarinet in 2003, and studies playing the flute from 2005. He has studied singing with Éva Bodrogi (2003-2005), since 2005 bel canto from Katalin Schultz.

He started composing in 1996. From 1998-2004 he has studied composition in the class of István Fekete Gyor at the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest. Parallel to his music studies, he has attended the Városmajori Higschool. From 2004 he continued his studies from György Orbán at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and is currently in his third year of studies there.
In 2003 he won the third price of the National Young Composer's Competition with his piece "Ablakban". In the same year the Angelica girl's choir recorded his piece composed on the text of the Japanese Empress, and the recording was given to the Empress herself.
In 2005 the 'de ereprijs' ensemble played his piece "NO WAY" on the Making New Waves Festival. In the same year two of his pieces: "Gömbhatár" and "Quasi una sonata" were performed on the Contemporary Music Festival of Young Composers. Also in the same year the Choir of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music has premiered his piece "Macbeth monolog" on Dóra Halas's diplome concert.
In 2006 two of his pieces, "Dialógusok az agyamból" and "Konkluzio" won prices on the Contemporary Music Festival of Young Composers.
In January 2007 his piece “Silence of a victim” was performed in the Marble Hall of the Hungarian Radio, and in February 2007 “The Dowland Process” had a premiere with the support of the British Council.
In 2007 his piece “People” was performed by ensemble MAE on the Making New Waves 2007 festival, and “3 da-da-dal” and “Novellák” had their firstngiht on the Contemporary Music Festival of Young Composers 2007.
The famous Amadinda percussion group played his flute concerto in May last year. They are preparing to record it in 2009.
He also was a passive participant of the Gaudeamus Music Week 2007, Amsterdam.
In 2008 “Cherubinischer Wandersmann” and “Dear, if you change” (recorded by Koltai Katalin on her first album) had their firstnights in march, “Búcsú” was sang by the female voices of Discantus choir at the 100 years celebration of the “Nyugat”, two choirpieces cuold be heared on the diploma concerts in the Music Academy (“Altató” and “Sonnet65”), and he can be proud of the third place of the Composer’s Competition of the Academy, also with “Cherubinischer Wandersmann”.